Past Webinars

July 2019

Maximizing Your Membership

WQA's Professional Certification and Education Director Tanya Lubner, PhD; Membership and Development Director Jacqualine Price Osafo; and Marketing and Communications Director Wes Bleed show you the benefits that come with the different levels of WQA membership and how to log in to the "MyWQA" area of our website to access members-only benefits and resources like the WQA Knowledge Base, past webinars, expanded reports from the 2019 WQA Public Opinion Study, WQA Toolkits, and more!

June 2019

Getting Everyone Over the Wall: Tips and Tools for Professional Certification

WQA Professional Certification & Training Director Tanya Lubner, PhD and WQA’s Training & Program Coordinator John McCartan present compelling ideas and innovative ways for companies to spur more employees to get started with WQA's Modular Education Program and certification process.

  • Creating a culture of learning
  • Incentives for certification
  • The MEP support page
  • Using a modular, step-wise approach
  • Choosing the right path to certification
  • The new learner progress tracking tool
  • Tools for promoting your certification


June 2019

Manganese in Drinking Water

France Lemieux, M. Eng., Regulatory Policy and Risk Management Manager for Health Canada, presented this webinar discussing:

  • The health concerns that are driving stronger regulation of manganese

  • Which areas of Canada are most impacted by manganese

  • How POU/POE products are used by small systems in Canada

The webinar shares information particularly useful to manufacturers interested in having POU/POE products certified for a manganese removal claim.

May 2019

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Getting Local Media Coverage for Your Business

WQA Marketing & Communications Director Wes Bleed and Marketing & Communications Coordinator Susan Keaton lead a discussion on ways you can encourage local media coverage of your business. 

March 2019

Let's Talk About Lead

WQA Technical Affairs Director Eric Yeggy and Global Governmental Affairs Manager Kathleen Fultz share new technical information and WQA Resources on lead in our drinking water. 

February 2019

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Talk it Up: Using Professional Certification to Promote Your Business

WQA members Tracy Knight, CWS, and Chip Howes, MWS, CI, join WQA's Professional Certification and Education Director Tanya Lubner, Ph.D, for an update on WQA's Professional Certification program and an advance look at some new tools for promoting your professional certification on your business' website and on social media.

February 2019

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Top Reasons to Attend the WQA Convention

Trent Frigone of Water Unlimited joins Wes Bleed and Susan Keaton from WQA's Marketing and Communications Department to talk about why you should attend the WQA Convention and how to get the most value from it. 

November 2018

Your Social Media Toolkit

Wes Bleed and Susan Keaton from WQA's Marketing and Communications Department show you how to use elements from WQA' quarterly Social Media Toolkit to create social media posts of your own.


October 2018

Emergency Preparedness

Our guest presenter Richard Cook helps us understand why your business needs an emergency preparedness plan and how to create one.


August 2018

Sizing Media Tanks

Our guest presenter Jefferey B. Hill takes us through how to determine the right diameter tank to ensure optimum contact time and backwash

July 2018

Your HR Toolkit - Tips & Resources from WQA's Human Resources Department

WQA Human Resources Manager Jillian Ryan shares the HR Toolkit and shows members how to use it in hiring and developing new employees and keeping them performing well for your business.

June 2018

Applied Water Chemistry

Knowing how contaminants behave is key to selecting correct treatment technologies to remove them. This webinar will review chemistry basics such as elements, atoms, ions, molecules, and pH; and describe concepts that affect how well chemistry-based treatment technologies work. 

May 2018


Using WQA Resources to Market Your Business

Content marketing is a great way to promote your company's expertise and to educate your customers. WQA offers a variety of materials for members to use. WQA Marketing & Communications Director Wes Bleed will demonstrate how to promote your business using such tools as WQA publications, news release templates and podcasts. Marketing & Communications Coordinator Susan Keaton will offer suggestions on easy ways to use social media to your advantage.