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Earning Recertification CPD Credits

In addition to WQA's recertification materials listed in WQA Educational Materials, and free on-line magazine quizzes, and webinars, there are three types of CPD credits available:

  • Seat Time (ST) Credit
    Credit earned by attendance at approved seminars, workshops, or convention sessions. WQA accredited (pre-approved) sessions offered by WQA or state or regional associations in the industry are the easiest way to earn seat time credit. With WQA approval, "outside seat time credits" can also be earned by attendance at appropriate sessions sponsored by other organizations (AWWA, NGA, etc.) indirectly related to the small scale water treatment industry. Proof of attendance at exam sessions must be provided to WQA.

    One CPD credit is equal to 10 hours of Seat Time credit or 1 standard CEU (Continuing Education Unit). CEUs are widely used by licensing agencies and other continuing education organizations and use of the CEU allows credit transferability.
  • Measured Learning (ML) Credit
    Credit earned for learning experiences in which learning is measured by an exam or a grade. Acceptable measured learning experiences include WQA specialty exams, state licensure exams, college or other post-secondary school courses, and self-study courses which require a certain passing grade.
  • Experiential Learning (EL) Credit
    With WQA approval, credit can now be earned, on an individual case-by-case basis, for appropriately documented non-paid voluntary experiences such as giving a water-related speech to the local Kiwanis Club or serving on the advisory board of the water program at the local community college. Individual experiential learning projects must be approved by the WQA Educational Services Department. Click here to download the EL Credit Application.