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Customers ask: “Will my basement become a Superfund site?
Posted 2/05/04

.....While it’s always disturbing for consumers to learn there are health-related contaminants in their drinking water, the impact of that news is worsened when misinformation is involved. .....Radioactive contaminants—due to popular misconceptions—can cause more worry than is warranted. As a drinking water treatment equipment dealer, you can help these concerned consumers solve their radioactive water problems and regain peace of mind.
.....One of the more common radioactive water contaminants is radon, which can be effectively treated by one of two household treament options. With radon levels greater than 5000 picoCuries per liter (piC/L), the WQA recommends using air stripping, which forces the dissolved radon gas to bubble out of the water. It then vents to the outside to harmlessly disperse into the atmosphere. With radon levels less than 5000 piC/L, the problem can be effectively treated by granular carbon filtration.
.....With GAC, the radon is adsorbed onto the carbon of the filter, meaning that in the filter, concentrations of a radioactive substance begin to accumulate. Often, homeowners express concern about this build-up of radioactivity in their basement, and even dealers and service technicians are nervous about handling used filters. While accumulations of radioactive substances may pose some real danger, the danger perceived by the homeowner is often disproportionate to the actual risks.
.....For many people, the mention of nuclear radiation brings to mind images of green glowing oddities, but that is, at best, an incomplete notion of radiation. Nuclear radiation actually comes in three forms: alpha, beta, and gamma. (Gamma radiation is most closely related to the phosphorescent “Hollywood” version of radiation.) Understanding some of the simple differences between the three types of radiation will make it easier to reassure customers about the safety of their water and the equipment used to treat it.
.....Alpha radiation is the least energetic form of radiation. For the technically inclined, an alpha particle is just a helium nucleus. Compared to the other two types of radiation, it is the heaviest, and generally the least dangerous. It can only travel a short distance through air before

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