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Should I Be Concerned?

Chromium can be found in nature in various forms. One form is chromium-6 (also sometimes called hexavalent chromium). Its presence in nature is typically due to industrial process contamination from an industrial plant itself or an uncontrolled hazardous waste site. Thus, people living near these sources of contamination, and do not receive water that is municipally treated, should be alert to the potential health concerns.

Chromium-6 is an emerging contaminant that scientists are beginning to better understand the effects on humans.  If inhaled, chromium-6 is known to cause cancer.  If ingested as drinking water, it is likely to be a carcinogen at a certain level, but studies are still being conducted to evaluate what level is unsafe and whether it does cause cancer or not.

Finding Chromium-6 in My Water

Many laboratories can conduct tests on drinking water to determine if the contaminant is present.  You can also contact a local professional to discuss the need for further testing. Additionally, you may wish to consult your local water treatment officials to find if they have done testing and encourage them to do so if not.

Fighting Chromium-6

The best way to reduce chromium-6 is through a reverse osmosis system.  It is also known that distillation and anion exchange methods are effective.  To find options, explore WQA certified products or find a local professional who will take you through the steps to treat your water.

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