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High-Purity Water Education Program for Service Professionals

Program Description:

Elevate your experienced service personnel to professionals capable of critically evaluating treatment system performance.

This Web-based, virtual classroom program focuses on acceptable procedures for system installation, troubleshooting, and professional conduct. It teaches the right approach to solving problems in the field and reducing the trial-and-error learning that high-risk jobs cannot afford.

In addition to topics on system installation and troubleshooting, students will learn the culture of various industries using high-purity water, the importance of proper documentation, and other valuable tips so they can professionally represent themselves and their employer.

The program consists of three multi-session courses taught in an interactive virtual classroom format, using real-world examples, by instructors with industrial field experience ranging from 15 to 40 years. Coursework will include post-lesson quizzes, and some pre-lesson reading.

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High Purity Water Treatment Systems 101

  • Orientation to the industry, water standards, professional conduct, current and future industry trends
  • Unwritten standards
  • Intro to High Purity systems, using four sample systems and application scenarios
    • Overview of interdependence of equipment in treatment systems
    • Primary treatment equipment
    • Pre-treatment
    • Post-treatment
  • Common contaminants in High Purity applications
  • Treatment technology selection, operation, and maintenance
  • Disinfection and prevention of recontamination
  • System sizing
  • Interpreting P&I Diagrams using sample systems and application scenarios
  • Monitoring component and system operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Applications covered:
    • Water for dialysis
    • Water for electronics component rinsing
    • Water for medium pressure boilers
    • Water for cosmetics manufacturing

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Who should use this program?

  • Service personnel currently working on or planning to work on High Purity treatment systems
  • Technical sales professionals
  • Facilities managers
  • Industrial water system operators
  • Applications engineers 

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Fees and registration:

Pre-registration is required for all Webinars by 5:00 pm Eastern time the day before the scheduled Webinar. Registration fee includes grading of post-lesson quizzes. As always with WQA Webinars, one registration is required per computer, however, multiple people at the same physical site may view on a single connection.

Not sure you want the full course? Try a few individual Webinars then apply the amount paid toward the cost of the full course.

All Webinars will be archived for on-demand purchase and viewing.


  WQA Member Price WQA Nonmember Price
Industrial High Purity Water Treatment Systems 101 (25 one-hr Webinar Sessions)


Individual Webinar Sessions $60 each $90 each

5 or more Individual Session or Course registrations

Please contact WQA Publications to order (630 929 2508,

15% discount 15% discount












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About the course designers and instructors:

 The WQA Industrial High Purity Water Education Program is the culmination of numerous years of work by the volunteers of the Industrial Education Task Force. Please click on the names below for bios of the task force members and course instructors.

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Contact Dr. Tanya Lubner, Director of Education, Water Quality Association, or 630 505 0160.

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