Professional Certification Titles

Levels of WQA Certification: 

Core Level

This designation is best suited for the professional whose job focuses on solving aesthetic water problems.

This designation is best suited for professionals who provide solutions to “problem water” issues and health-related contaminants.

This designation is ideal for professionals who specialize in installing water quality improvement products.

This designation is intended for professionals responsible for troubleshooting and correcting the operation of water quality improvement products

Advanced Level

Available for CWS title holders only. Candidates must demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise in the field by completing the Advanced coursework in WQA's Modular Education Program, passing an advanced level exam, and attaining a minimum of five years' active field work experience.

Eligibility for certification will require completion of the Basics and Fundamentals modules and appropriate Core module in WQA's Modular Education Program (MEP).

  • Certified professionals holding the titles of CWS-V and CWS-VI prior to May 1, 2015 were re-designated as Master Water Specialists

  • CWS-II, CWS-III and CWS-IV title holders prior to May 1, 2015 were re-designated simply as Certified Water Specialists. All Certified Water Specialists may work through the advanced curriculum of the new MEP program to achieve the Master Water Specialist title

  • Sales Representatives (CSR) title holders prior to May 1, 2015 were retitled as Certified Water-Treatment Representatives (CWR). They may pursue any other core certification title through the MEP.