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Certified water treatment professionals are individuals who have completed a voluntary credentialing process through WQA's Professional Certification Program. To become a WQA certified professional, the candidate must pass a comprehensive examination and accept WQA's Code of Ethics for the Water Quality Improvement Industry. WQA's program tests and certifies only individuals, not dealerships or companies. Certified professionals are typically employed by WQA member companies, but WQA membership is not required for certification.

Professional Designations

Certified Water Treatment Representative (CWR): This designation is best suited for the professional whose job focuses on solving aesthetic water problems.

Certified Water Specialist (CWS): This designation best suited for professionals who provide solutions to “problem water” issues and health-related contaminants.

Certified Installer (CI): This designation is ideal for professionals who specialize in installing water quality improvement products.


Certified Service Technician (CST): This designation is intended for professionals who are responsible for troubleshooting and correcting the operation of water quality improvement products.

Master Water Specialist (MWS): This designation is best suited for experienced professionals responsible for addressing advanced residential water treatment applications. 

Master Service Technician (MST): This designation is intended for experienced professionals who are responsible for troubleshooting and correcting operation of water quality improvement products for advanced residential water treatment applications.


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If you know the name of the certified professional, please enter all or part of it into the search field below. To search for certified professionals by country, state or province, please use the drop-down menus provided. If you are having trouble locating a certified water treatment professional, or believe a professional's contact/certification information may be listed incorrectly, please contact WQA's Professional Certification Department at

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