WQA Business Operations Boot Camp: Insight from the Trenches

Register today for a special all day pre-convention workshop on business operations topics:

  Strategic Planning
  Reducing Overhead
  How to Coach (Without Becoming a Drill Sergeant)
  Multi-generational advice (Succession Planning)

And more! See the full schedule here.

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Colorado Convention Center | Denver, Colorado
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
$275 for WQA Members | $400 for Non-members
Seating is limited!

WQA Convention & Exposition attendees can also register for this event when registering for the 2018 Convention & Exposition.

Watch: Tim Miles previews his session at WQA Business Operations Boot Camp

Presenters include: Kate Culligan, Tim Miles, Michael Thompson, John and Derek Packard, Denise Urbans

Boot Camp Sponsor: Foundation Finance


Strategic Planning: In this two-hour, hands-on workshop, we’ll review goal-setting, goal-doing, momentum, traction, core values, mission and purpose, and all the blind spots and unleveraged assets you may be missing. Gain confidence about how to make business decisions in the weeks and months and even years to come. The workshop includes a 400+ page workbook.

Multi-generational Advice: Business owners handle a myriad of personnel management issues. One day it’s how to bring up the next generation to take over the business, and the next day it’s how to attract and retain a new generation of employees amid a changing marketplace and changing expectations for working conditions. Get an inside look into how one business is weathering the changes from the perspectives of the veteran owner and the young up-and-comer.

Cutting Overhead: The focus of the training will be on the service call as a profit center. How to bill for the task completed versus the time spent. By doing so you will be judged on the value of the job completed not the time spent. Participants will utilize expenses, Departmentalized Income Statement and Burdened Labor Costing in conjunction with desired profitability percentage to obtain their desired benchmarks in each service call. Attendees will acquire the necessary information to be able to restructure their service organization to create a performance culture with well-designed profitable service calls.

How to Coach (Without Becoming a Drill Sergeant): Taking the time to coach employees results in a number of benefits, including catching and correcting potentially costly errors, improving the employee's ability to take on more complex tasks, and improving retention. In this panel discussion, veteran business owners will discuss strategies they use in developing their employees.

Conquer the Chaos, Survive and Thrive: Small businesses are experiencing unprecedented and unrelenting change that creates stress, fear and decreased productivity. This workshop utilizes the groundbreaking work of William Bridges that will walk you through the stages of a transition/change and show you how to develop coping strategies.The session starts with an honest look at what keeps business leaders up at night. Finally, some solutions to these hurdles will be shared, such as keeping the customer the focus, understanding the cause of your growth, and measuring staffing needs. The session will be interactive, fun and filled with practical solutions and hope!


  •         Member:$275
  • Non-Member:$400

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