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 Use the hashtag #WQA2022 when posting to social media about the Convention & Exposition.

Use the hashtag #WQABootCamp when posting about the WQA Business Boot Camp April 5.

 Share your news

Are you attending the convention? Use our template to create a news release to let others know through your website, social media or community newspaper.

Are you a convention speaker? We have a news release template for you as well.

Will you be attending WQA's Business Boot Camp?  Download this customizable news release to let everyone know.


Suggestions for social media posts

For attendees:

  • Take photos of you or your staffers on board the plane, or arriving in Orlando, or picking up packets at the registration desk and use a message like:

We just arrived in sunny Orlando for the #2022WQA Convention & Exposition and can't wait to learn more about how to better serve our customers with the newest products and services in water treatment.

  • Share photos of you or staff members at the Opening General Session, getting ready to go into the trade show,or talking with colleagues or presenters with a message about what you're doing or what you're learning.
  • Share bits of wisdom or great quotes you hear during the keynote speech, the president's address, or a presentation.  A photo of the speaker or of your crew taking part in the event helps bring attention to it.
  • Share a photo from Boot Camp with this kind of message:

Reveille came early this morning for the 2022 WQA Business Boot Camp, but we're getting a great education in all the things we need to know to run a great water treatment business. #WQABootCamp

For presenters: 

  • Take a photo of your handouts being printed or of you practicing your talk with a slide and say:

I'm getting ready for my (TOPIC) presentation at the Water Quality Association Convention and Expo in Orlando April 6-8. Hope to see you there!   #WQA2022


I'm so honored to be speaking on (TOPIC) at the #WQA2022 Convention & Expo in Orlando. Plan to attend my session at (TIME) (DATE) and learn (SOMETHING SPECIFIC LIKE - "all about emerging contaminants and the best way to treat them")  

  • Make a simple graphic with your head shot, name, topic of your talk and date and time. Then use a message like:

I'm looking forward to demonstrating (SPECIFICS LIKE - "the best ways to treat common well contaminants") at the #2022WQA Convention & Expo in Orlando. Please join me!

Use Our Images

You also can use the official Convention and Boot Camp logos or images to create a live link from your website to ours, for social media graphics, or to accompany a news release mentioning the show:


  WQA Convention & Exposition Logo
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WQA Convention & Exposition Banner 1
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  WQA Convention & Exposition Banner 2
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  2022 WQA Business Boot Camp "Save the Date" notice
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    Boot Camp "boots" image
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*Tampering or misuse of the WQA Convention & Exposition logo is strictly prohibited. Please contact WQA at if you have questions about the appropriate application of these materials.