Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is a new feature at the 2022 WQA Convention & Exposition. Exhibitors' innovative new products are displayed in the 300-level foyer at the Orange County Convention Center, right outside the education classrooms. Attendees can visit special display kiosks during all three days of the convention, picking up literature or viewing slides or video of the new products. Visitors who have questions or want more information about the innovations are invited to visit the exhibiting company's booth during the Expo April 7-8.

Look for displays highlighting innovations from the following exhibitors:  

AQMatic - Booth #414

Connected Water Treatment: A monitoring and automation solution that not only provides information to the user and water treatment professional but also ties into a CRM and Service Management tool to make for business efficiency.

Global Water Solutions - Booth #1039

SanOzet Hand Sanitizing Station: The SanOzet™ system is engineered with next-generation electrolytic ozone technology. This patented O3 technology converts clean water into antibacterial ozonated water. Simply place hands under the motion-activated sensor and rinse with a 5-second sanitizing bath that achieves 99.9% bacteria and virus removal rate.

• 5-Second hand rinse - Quick & efficient
• Natural and chemical-free - Does not irritate skin
• Motion activated ultra-sonic sensor - Fully automatic
• Controlled pattern spray nozzle - No splashing or mess
• Intuitive, sleek, compact design - Small footprint
• Illuminated basin with status indicator lights
• Easy to install - designed for easy integration with the existing plumbing
• Meets most professional hygiene requirements
• LCD Display with Text Feedback - Tells you when the system is ready

For more information, visit the product web page.

Kinetico Incorporated - Booth #201

Kinex Salt Monitor: Kinetico Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of quality water systems is introducing the new Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitor. Authorized, independent Kinetico dealers can now offer consumers a reliable and accurate accessory device that easily installs directly on their softener system. The Wi-Fi enabled Kinex Salt Monitor measures salt levels in the brine tank and pairs with the Kinetico app for quick and accurate notifications on the tank’s salt level.

The Kinetico Kinex Salt Monitor, along with the app, provides information such as the tank’s last refill date, estimated days to deplete the current salt, number of 40-pound bags to fill the tank and salt consumption data. Consumers can check their system’s salt level whenever and wherever they are and will no longer have to guess if they need to purchase more salt or how much to buy.

“At Kinetico, we want to improve lives through better water, so helping customers prevent the number one reason for a hard water service call is of the utmost importance to us,” states Kinetico Vice President of North American Dealer Sales, Ted Jones. “Adding a Kinex Salt Monitor to your system not only ensures your water’s quality, but it means you never have to manually check your salt levels again,” Jones adds.

The Kinex Salt Monitor comes with a 2-year warranty and is compatible with any brand (non-cabinet) water softener, new or existing installations. Additional accessories like a water-resistant outdoor cover for the monitor are available.

Learn more at

Rusco - Booth #864

Smart Ball Valve: Rusco's new Smart Ball Valve is ideal for many home filtration, well water, commercial & municipal applications where water or other fluids need to be flushed periodically, scheduled for shut-off, or flushed via remote access. This valve is app driven and pairs with most smart hubs on the market today, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and is available in both Wi-Fi and Zigbee models. If can be used in various fluid applications, included most all water applications, and works well when paired with our Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper. Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1".  

For more detailed information, download this PDF document.

Sensiron AG - Booth #1125

SWT50 sensor: The SWT50 is an Inline water quality sensor that allows monitoring of the TOC (total organic carbon) in drinking water. The sensor makes UV absorption principle cost-efficient and with this, available for water purifier/dispense applications.

More details are available in this document.

UNCO Data Systems Inc. - Booth #848

Water Wizzard: ReRouteWizzard provides the ability to re-establish your routes for optimal performance all while maintaining accurate customer service levels. The ReRoute Wizzard platform puts the power in your hands, providing easy to use tools and reports to make route changes with the click of a mouse. This means the end of labor intensive or outsourced reroutes! Achieve up to a 40% time savings over other reroute methods.

For more information: