Educational Offerings for Water Treatment Professionals



WQA’s mission in education is to provide technical and business training for the water quality improvement industry that supports the high professional and ethical standards the industry has set for itself.


WQA education resources include technical and business basics for beginners and non-technical employees, theory and applications of water treatment technologies, specific residential applications, commercial sizing and application, and industrial applications. WQA education resources also include topics on plumbing basics, equipment installation guides and disinfection.

Onboarding Tools

Technical In-Office Staff
The Water Treatment Design Course is a new training opportunity for technical in-office staff, engineers and others who need to learn the underlying science of water treatment without the field work required for certification.

Sales & Marketing Staff
The Introduction to Water Contaminants & Treatment Course is an opportunity for non-technical staff engaged in sales and marketing to gain a basic understanding of common water contaminants, drinking water regulations, available water treatment technologies, product testing standards, and WQA marketing guidelines.

Live Education

In addition to the annual WQA Convention & Exposition, WQA offers customized seminars on a variety of topics, including a water treatment overview, certification exam review sessions, and workshops to fulfill experiential requirements of the new Modular Education Program. For more information on seminars, please contact or 630-505-0160.

Distance Learning

WQA education materials for residential working and drinking water treatment is offered as discreet curricula and courses through the new Modular Education Program and as reference in the Online Knowledge Base. In addition, WQA offers archived Webinars, audio compilations for on the go learning, and proceedings from the annual convention.

Legacy materials are available as text books and articles, video on DVD and video/workbook courses.

Some materials, such as past convention papers, are only available to WQA members.