Instructor-Led Installer Training

WQA is offering instructor-led training based on the Certified Installer Training Pathway. The 16-week course is taught live through Zoom for one hour once a week plus an additional 30 minutes to one hour of homework each week. Two sessions are available to accommodate the different time zones. 

Watch this video to learn more about the advantages of instructor-led training:

Instructor-led training offers two main advantages:

  1. It helps keep learners on track and progressing through the training
  2. It is better for those who learn by doing rather than reading

WQA instructors have real-world experience in POU/POE water treatment that they bring to the course. The course is also structured to allow for discussion, questions, and sharing of ideas. Additional weeks may be scheduled to accommodate participants' questions.

Water treatment installers who complete the 16-week course and all associated homework and have at least six months field experience in installation will be eligible to take the Certified Installer exam. So get your team together and consider which session works best for you!

(For best results, learners’ schedules should be adjusted to allow for the weekly Zoom sessions and an additional hour immediately afterward to complete homework. They'll be on their way to certification in just a few short months!)

Please choose one of these concurrent sessions:

Session A Session B
When: Thursdays at 8 a.m. Mountain (7 a.m. Pacific) When: Tuesdays at 8 a.m. Eastern (7 a.m. Central)
Start date: Thursday, June 23, 2022 Start date: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Register now!

Register now!

Course Competencies

  • Understanding and applying a safe workplace, including appropriately using Personal Protective equipment.
  • Installing equipment according to Local, State, Federal Plumbing Codes and manufacturer instructions.
  • Identifying water softeners, filters, disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis; their basic application, installation, and start-up procedures as per manufacturer and code requirements.
  • Installing equipment in the correct direction of flow and treatment train sequence.
  • Verifying equipment performance is to spec and training end-user on operation and maintenance.
  • Using selected tools to measure, create piping connections, fastening supports and hangers.
  • Using water test reports, manufacturer manuals and related plumbing code references.
  • Identifying product certification standards and claims.
  • Applying the guidelines in the WQA Code of Ethics.


Clifford L. Fasnacht, MWS Paul Friot, MWS, CI, CWR

Clifford L. Fasnacht built Dougherty Pump & Drilling Inc., a general engineering and service business, and Pacific Purification Inc. a service and custom manufacturing business. His clients have ranged from mega corporation giants who include fertilizer manufacturers, aerospace companies, pharmaceutical manufactures, and water treatment companies to private home owners.

He is past president of the Pacific Water Quality Association (PWQA) and serves on several task forces and education committees for the Water Quality Association.

Paul Friot has 45 years of experience in water treatment as an independent dealer in Massachusetts. 

He is a WQA Master Water Specialist, Certified Installer, Certified Water-Treatment Representative, and holds a U.S. patent for an arsenic removal process. 

He recently started a new business, Get Water Answers, which provides consumers and water treatment dealers with help understanding water test results or water problems they find challenging.

The Cost*

$685 WQA Core/Premier Members | $840 WQA E-Members | $1,535 Non-members
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*If you are already enrolled in the mentored-MEP version of the installer course and have 6 or more months remaining on your subscription, the cost of the MEP will be credited toward the instructor-led course. Subscribers with less than six months remaining are eligible for a reduced fee for the instructor-led course. Please email for details.

The Curriculum

Click here for a printable PDF listing the course curriculum and course policies.


Quick-Start Guide to Access Homework

Click here for a printable PDF with instructions for getting started on desktops/laptops and mobile devices.