Intellectual Property Protection Call

Audience: Members 

Description: Join WQA and Janice Wingo, with the US International Trade Administration China Office to discuss intellectual property protection. 

This webinar will highlight issues related to patents (inventions or methods) and trademarks (such as the word “Nike” or the Swoosh device) in China.  Both patents and trademarks are territorial.  This means that any registration you may have in the United States provides no rights in China.  Regarding trademarks, China is a first-to-file country.  

After the presentation, the operator will open up the lines so participants can ask questions.  However, if you have a confidential question you wish to discuss separately,  Janice will provide her email address during the webinar so that members can arrange a private call. 

Date: Wednesday May 9th 

Time: 2:00-2:30 Central Time

Call-in information: 


Dial-in:  800-369-1910

Participant passcode: 1255066

Link to Meeting: