List of Mentors for Hire


Below is the list of mentors whose services can be engaged for a fee. 

The mentors on this list have met WQA's qualifications for appropriate experience based on verification from industry colleagues. They have agreed to a code of conduct that includes dedication to excellence, dedication to the learner, protection of the learner's intellectual property, and process neutrality. For additional intellectual property protection, WQA recommends learners and mentors enter into a non-disclosure agreement. 

Mentors set their own fees; WQA does not regulate mentoring fees. All disputes must be resolved between mentor and learner. WQA will not mediate any disputes. The learner engages a contract mentor at his or her own risk.

Mentor Name Paths Available to Mentor E-mail Address Phone Number
Peter Cartwright, MWS, PE MWS, CWS, CST, CWR (952) 854-4911
Matt Peiris, CWS CWS, CWR (888) 675-5187
Kelly Thompson, MWS, CI MWS, CWS, CST, CI, CWR (810) 560-2788


If you are currently in need of a mentor for the MEP training, please contact the WQA Training Department at