Presentations and Recordings from 2019 WQA Convention and Exposition

Alternative Scale and Chloride Reduction Technologies

  • Chloride Reduction Strategies for Commercial/Industrial System
    • Due to the volume of water usage, optimizing brine use in commercial and industrial applications can have a large impact on reducing chloride discharge. This presentation will provide examples of brine reclaim strategies for such applications.
  • Emerging Technology Benchmarking Study Update
    • This presentation will review the protocol developed by Virginia Tech to benchmark the performance of emerging scale reduction technologies , such as magnets, electrical field generators, electrochemical, nucleation media (TAC-type media), sacrificial media including phosphates and citric acid. 
  • Next Generation Point of Entry Water Purification with CapDI Technology
    • With ever-growing regulations in regards to home water softeners and the waste they can create home owners are now looking for alternatives to address these concerns while providing less hassle from using salt/brine tanks. 
  • Addressing Chloride Discharge
  • Panel Discussion: Experience with Chloride Discharge Concerns Around the US
    • Addressing chloride levels in waste water requires the water treatment industry and regulatory personnel to work together.
  • Planning for Unanticipated Treatment Equipment Optimizations and Upgrades


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