Knowledge Base

Online Knowledge Base offers instant, updated information. Technicians in the field and office staff now have immediate access to a wealth of invaluable information previously only available in WQA’s textbooks.

As the “Wikipedia” of the industry, Knowledge Base will give members a comprehensive reference tool on their computers and mobile devices. Set in the cloud, it provides short articles with practical facts, treatment options and instructions on a wide range of topics.

“With its ease of access, this can become an important work tool on job sites, and users will find the information updated with new contaminants, regulations, and proven technologies,” according to Dr. Tanya Lubner, WQA Director of Professional Certification & Training

Knowledge Base is accessible to iPhones and Android devices on the device's mobile browser, as well as through computers. An easy search function allows immediate access to pinpointed information. In addition to being regularly updated, more articles will be added. 

Knowledge Base is part of the suite of benefits available to all WQA members. Click "MyWQA" at the top of this webpage to access your personal page, and then navigate to

We've updated the Knowledge Base so that members no longer need a separate login -- instead, you can access it using the same login you use for all WQA member information. The video explains some of the enhancements:

Please contact the WQA Professional Certification & Training department with any questions at or 630 955 1589.