Testimonials from Modular Education Program Participants


"It's much easier to study with this program. Plus, I now know where to go to get answers when I'm in the field."

— Joshua Kingsley, CSR, Pentair Water Purification

"The new program is a great tool that a company can plug new and experienced people into without having to create its own training program."

 — Michael Kinney, MWS, Portasoft of Morris County

"The combination of online exercises and hands-on practice helps kinesthetic learners better grasp the material."

— Jill McDonald, MWS, CI, Hellenbrand, Inc.

"I liked that this wasn't just reading a book. I didn't have to read everything but could go into the Knowledge Base as needed to look up what I didn't know. The software is not difficult to figure out and the program guides you from one step to the next."

— Nate Schlessman, Suburban Water Tech/ Suburban EcoWater

"The MEP provides a path for the employer to continue to develop people for the next step in their career in the company."

—  Bret Tangley, MWS, President, Sterling Water, Inc. dba Culligan of Eau Claire

“I wish the MEP would have been around 10 years ago when we bought the business, then we wouldn’t have had to learn everything the hard way.” 

                                                – Ty Baseggio, Owner, Windmill Water Llc. dba Culligan Water Cond. 

"This program is a wonderful tool and I am happy to be counted among those who can help the newcomers navigate the complexities of our industry and promote it in the light that it so richly deserves."

Gary Battenberg, Technical Support & System Design Specialist, Parker