WQA Ethics Course

Consumers want to buy from knowlegeable professionals and ethical businesses.

The WQA Ethics course helps understand ethical dilemas and decision making. Through several industry-specific examples, this online, interactive course brings awareness to POU/POE water treatment professionals of the types of ethical and moral challenges they may face in the field and how to address them.

The course may be used for self-paced individual study with a WQA-provided mentor or in a group setting such as a company training session. The course material - videos and questions - naturally lends itself to group discussion. 

Using the course as part of company group training can help employers reinforce company policies and gain confidence that their employees are making appropriate decisions when faces with ethical and moral dilemas in the field.

The WQA Ethics course is included in all WQA certification pathways in the Modular Education Program. The stand-alone course is available for a 3-month stand-alone access.

Pricing: WQA Ethics Course
3-month subscription

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