Water Treatment Training Certificates

WQA is unveiling new training opportunities for technical & non-technical in-office staff, engineers and others who need to learn the underlying science of water treatment without the field work required for certification. The Introduction to Water Contaminants & Treatment and the Residential Water Treatment Design Certificates work great as an on-boarding tools for new sales/marketing and technical employees. 

Who should use them?

Manufacturer and OEM technical staff involved in product design, B2B technical support and sales. In addition, anyone interested in learning more about POU/POE water treatment without the field work required for certification.

What are the key benefits?

  • New training choice for office-based technical staff
  • Training on the science of water treatment and selecting treatment solutions
  • Convenient, online distance learning with automated feedback
  • Onboarding for technical staff
  • Professional development opportunity

Role of administrator

An administrator from the learner's employer may be added to monitor progress. This is easily handled, and the program offers an excellent tool for managers and HR personnel.

The value of a certificate

A certificate demonstrates completion of a course of study. The education required to earn a certificate is a useful tool for gaining knowledge on a particular topic. A certificate is also a useful training alternative when a certification is not practical.

MEP-based training

The training consists of tracked, self-paced reading assignments and e-learning with application-based scenarios to reinforce the reading. Successful completion of an online test is required to earn each certificate. The Introduction to Water Contaminants & Treatment certificate is approximately 25 hours of training. The Residential Water Treatment Design certificate is approximately 75 hours of training.

1-year Subscription + Exam

Introduction to Water Contaminants & Treatment Certificate

Residential Water Treatment Design Certificate

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