How the Learner Benefits

The Modular Education Program (MEP) is designed to help you learn the material more efficiently than through books, lectures, or job-shadowing alone. Its short course format takes the intimidation out of learning and is easy to build into your work day. Plus, the built-in opportunity for practice helps reinforce and implement the new concepts.

How the Employer Benefits

"One of the frequent arguments against investing in professional development is 'What happens if I train my people and they leave?' A better question is 'What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?'" — Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group, "Will Your Firm Endure," LinkedIn, September 2013

The MEP is:

  1. Specifically built training for new hires. The topics and curricula were laid out by a consensus of industry experts with years of experience in training new personnel.Reduces call backs by helping to ensure the employee learns the right way of doing things the first time. Employers can designate their more senior employees to act as mentors for the new learners and monitor through the built-in program structure how well the learner is interpreting the concepts and applying them on the job. 
  2. Appropriate for all types of employees. The technical difficulty is scaled so that new and non-technical employees can learn the water treatment concepts at a very basic level first, before going on to more complex explanations. The training can help anyone interacting with a customer to speak intelligently on water contaminants, the need for water analysis, and available treatment options. 
  3. Optimized for efficient learning. By combining background reading, quizzes, and on-the-job practice and mentoring the MEP helps builds competence and gets new employees in the field faster than shadowing or textbook study alone. 
  4. Customizable to the needs of your business. Focus on the contaminants, technologies, and applications most relevant to your business first. Employers can modify the order of the training to focus first on the contaminants, applications, and treatment technologies that are most relevant for their business.

Participant Testimonials

“I wish I would have known about this 10 years ago when I bought the business. I wouldn’t have had to learn it all the hard way."

Ty Baseggio, CWS, CI, Windmill Water Llc. dba Culligan Water Cond

"The new program is a great tool that a company can plug new and experienced people into without having to create its own training program."

 — Michael Kinney, MWS, Portasoft of Morris County

"I liked that this wasn't just reading a book. I didn't have to read everything but could go into the Knowledge Base as needed to look up what I didn't know. The software is not difficult to figure out and the program guides you from one step to the next."

— Nate Schlessman, Suburban Water Tech/ Suburban EcoWater

"The MEP provides a path for the employer to continue to develop people for the next step in their career in the company."

—  Bret Tangley, MWS, President, Sterling Water, Inc. dba Culligan of Eau Claire

“Due to the flexibility that the MEP offers, you can take your time learning as you work though the interactive and real life training that will better you and your employees. The credibility that this program has given us helps set us apart from a lot of our competition.”

 Troy Macumber, CWS, CI, Culligan Water Conditioning (Marlette, MI)

“WQA’s MEP program allows us to train new employees more quickly, which allows us to spend more time helping customers, improving our customer service. With 24/7 access to WQA’s MEP and Knowledge Base, our employees are receiving standardized training that is appropriate to their job position and current skillset."          

 Greg Reyneke, MWS, Red Fox Advisors (Beaverton, OR)