Certification for Experienced Personnel

For certain certification titles, experienced personnel may access the certification exam if they meet the requirements described below.

Title Field experience Training/testing out Exam Registration
Certified Water Specialist 2+ years in specifying problem water treatment for B2C applications

Successfully pass the module tests for Assessing Water Quality & Application and Sizing of POU/POE Treatment for Aesthetic Contaminants (Available in May 2022)

Complete the online ethics course.
Download the Experienced Professionals CWS exam registration form.
Certified Installer 2+ years installing POU/POE water treatment equipment Complete a 2-hour review session (Available in June 2022) Download the CI exam registration form.
Certified Treatment Designer 5+ years B2B experience in technical sales/technical support of POU/POE equipment & applications Complete the online ethics course

Download the CTD exam registration form.