Employee Template

WQA is providing an exemplar template letter which may be considered to identify your employees as essential workers in the DHS Water and Wastewater Segment and your state’s Shelter-in- Place orders and directives.Broadly, this template covers water distribution and water technologies support. installation and maintenance within the Water and Wastewater Segment during COVID-19 “Shelter-in-Place" orders. Before using or adapting this template, confirm that your business falls within the DHS essential worker guidance and your state’s orders and directives and, if necessary, contact your Governor's office for further information about how "Shelter-in-Place" may affect your company.

Prior to issuing any template letters to employees, please review your business policies, your safety and health procedures and your daily practices to conform them operationally to the DHS, CDC and state public health authorities guidance, state Shelter-in-Place orders, detailed operational information including WQA recommendations and the many public health citations found on the WQA COVID-19 web site.

Download the template here.

The letter will help authorities more quickly identify anyone on your team as an “essential service” employee.

Ways to use this template:

  • Print on company letterhead
  • Include company contact information
  • Add any specifics regarding your local or state policies

  • Employees should carry this letter along with photo ID and company ID while conducting any pickups and deliveries or service calls during the COVID-19 crisis.