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Wisconsin Residents Can Find Protection Against Radium in Water

Wisconsin residents can protect themselves from radium in their water with working water softeners and other technology, according to the independent Water Quality Association (WQA).

"Water softeners are not simply for taste or water color," said Pauli Undesser, deputy executive director, WQA. "In this case, they can remove a potentially harmful contaminant. There are also other ways to reduce radium that concerned consumers should explore."

Ion-exchange water softeners actually remove radium even before they take out elements more commonly associated with the devices, such as the hardening agents of magnesium and calcium. In addition to softeners, reverse osmosis and distillation are also effective water treatments to reduce radium.

The Water Quality Association, which operates, certifies both individuals and products using independently developed standards that are designed to provide impartial analysis. Water treatment devices can earn the WQA "Gold Seal" mark after passing tests developed in accord with internationally recognized standards.

Certified professionals who have gone through specific training on water treatment are also available. Those in the water treatment field every year take thousands of hours of voluntary training to make sure their skills and knowledge are up to date. Certification is earned after classes and testing. At, consumers can use the "Find a Water Professional" button to find WQA members and certified professionals in their community.