WQA seeks member input on proposed new WaterSense category

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking informal input from the industry regarding a potential new WaterSense category for Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis systems based on the requirements in IAPMO Standard 1086. This web page provides information about how the WaterSense program works and is intended to encourage your participation in these informal discussions with the EPA.

The WaterSense label is a “green” label awarded by the EPA to promote products that conserve water. The program works similar to other third-party certification programs. The EPA publishes Technical Specifications (similar to standards) that products must meet in order to qualify for the WaterSense label. Manufacturers can then go through EPA-approved third-party certification bodies to have their products tested against those specifications. Products that meet the WaterSense specifications can then be promoted using the EPA WaterSense Label, and are also listed on the EPA’s WaterSense website.

The WaterSense label also can be incorporated into Green-Plumbing Codes and other rules or regulations aimed to conserve water resources. 

WQA's Vision is, "Improving water quality to enhance quality of life through sustainable technologies and services." Consistent with this vision, we would encourage members to get involved at this early stage and provide the EPA with their thoughts. Contact Eric Yeggy, WQA Technical Affairs Director, and request to be introduced to the EPA WaterSense team.

Either way, WQA would value your input on this topic so that we can formulate a position on behalf of the association. Please respond to this survey by November 1, 2021.